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Commitment, Community, and Integrity. These are the concerns of a good leader and the core, integral concerns of Steve's campaign. To help Spotsylvanians better understand what he means by "Commitment, Community, and Integrity," we have compiled a list of where he stands on all the major issues.  

Commitment to Protecting the Rights of Property Owners and Protestors Alike

Law enforcement around our nation recently came under pressure from property owners and protestors alike wanting to feel guaranteed and protected in their rights. Maxwell firmly believes these rights are mutually inclusive, and is committed to protecting both sections of our community. Individuals attending peaceful protests have the right to feel secure in their persons as do property owners in their property. Under Maxwell’s leadership, both will be protected – rioting, however, will not be tolerated. 

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Policing With Understanding

Steve firmly believes that you can’t police with integrity without also policing with understanding. For instance, some sheriff’s departments make an active attempt to ticket for minor offenses, like expired tags, without first considering that people likely have expired tags because of financial issues that the ticket is now further exacerbating; this can create a cruel cycle that disproportionately harms poor community, like the one Steve grew up in. Steve will work to end that cruel cycle by having the sheriff’s department help these community members get the assistance they need instead of unnecessary financial/legal burdens. (Read More)

Committee to Elect Steve Maxwell
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